sexta-feira, 15 de maio de 2015

The time is now!

"One Flew Over The Cuco's Nest!"
It has been a long project and now it's time to kill the beast!
It's just one of those moments when you say " it's got to be now no matter what!"
Working 12 hours a day Monday through Sunday sanding, drilling, thinking and leaving bearly no time for dreaming.Living pedal to the metal!
It feels great!
 13:00 O'clock: using the precious resource of time to eat with the left hand while drawing the gantries. Nice wine ( good old Portuguese Alentejano Red Wine in a local "Tasco" in Ponte Lima just close to the steel supplier)) and  it worked just fine keep that blood pressure down!

 14:10 :People that make crazy dreams possible. Rocha " Fatela" from Ferrolimiana cutting steel tubes like there's no tommorow. Thank you Mr. Rocha!
 15:30 Welding... and weldind...
And voilá! One of the best things I've done! These gantries will make the project flow faster big time.

Sorry for the absence of decent and timely updates. Can't have the cake and eat it too.
My kindgom for time!

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