quarta-feira, 10 de julho de 2013


NOTE: Sorry for the low quality of the images. Both my cameras broke down so i am using the mobile.
Here hardwood compression blocks are seen being glued.
 Front beam lamination done. Given the high temperatures had to laminate the top UD in a second stage. Used DB (45º/45º) over just as in equivalent prior steps.
Current stage. No much new on the exterior ( most of work is on the inside). Bow area can be seen unglassed. Should be doing it soon. Generally the surface looks reasonably smooth and I hope it won't take much fairing build up.

Right now I am working on the front beam central arch web and am finding some dificulty getting a strip with just the right combination between flexibility and stifness. Also expect some tricky work setting up the UD on a tight spot near the berth tops. Will see.

Heat wave has gone past by now and it's becoming much more confortable to work down there!
By the way ,as I had promised these are the molds I used for the beam mounts. Took a slightly different aproach and worked just fine.

sexta-feira, 5 de julho de 2013

No News Good News

Sorry haven´t posted much lately but work keeps going steady and on a daily basis.
Interior almost finished. Next is the cockpit seats and floor and then start fairing. Still hanging on to the goal of painting the boat this year.
Temperatures went crazy (actually under a heat wave right now). Tomorrow may hit 38º!
Can´t complain but got to be careful with resin geling too soon. Haven't done it yet but I think it's possible to putty and sand in the same day. Just crazy!

Sorry no pictures. Lost ( brake down) both of my cameras and now I am using the mobile phone. Will show some work soon.