quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2014


I have resumed the project on May as soon as the weather conditions improved although only managed to work three or four days before another long rainy period held on until mid June. I did atempt to push forward but it doesn't pay off working under limit humidity and temperature conditions. Curing takes forever and it's dificult to keep a steady rythm.
The boat inside is nearly ready waiting for the boat to be turned upside down to do some taping easier to do in this position.
In the meantime I tackled the aft beam rear coamings and cockpit seats.
My plan is to do as much as I can with the boat upright before I turn it over to do the underside taping on some hard to reach and work spots.
Have also spent a lot of time ( days !!) searching for gear and acessories to prepare some areas for the correct fit ( front hatch, safety hatch, engine mount, side windows,etc). Have been also inquiring about mast and sails. Although the platform is suitable for the R version I am considering both F 22 or F 22R. I would like a faster boat but I plan to do a lot of cruising too under much safer and confortable conditions. On the other hand there are significant savings between the two versions and I must keep the costs under a controled budget.

At this stage a lot seems to be done but then just as much is still left to do and I haven't even started fairing!
It's mid July and rain has set in again! ( Thursday through Sunday!). Althouh I try to keep up with my professional activity taking advantage of the rainy periods ( and heat waves too!) it's not always possible to acomplish that and I find myself often bogged in professional agendas in weather conditions ideal for boat building and vice versa.
Still the projects keeps going ahead and launching is estimated for the summer of 2015.
There a lot more photos of other jobs done this year but I'm having some trouble getting them off my new smartphone. These were taken with my old phone which I use now for camera purposes only.