terça-feira, 31 de agosto de 2010

Rudder part 2

... placed the HD inserts ( actually should have put them before tracing to avoid having to retrace the lines over the inserts)

Then started rounting form the edges in to keep the next lines always visible.

.... some preliminary sanding and the foil starts to show up.

On the other side I used 2mm steps. It's quicker and produces the same effect.
On both sides I left the contour isometrics for hand shaping since it's a lot easier and less confusing.

Finaly I cut the foil off and did some sanding.
Tomorrow I expect to finish final shaping and leave it ready for lamination.
I missed the little insert for the rope. I'll add it in later on using an HD putty fill or a piece of G10 tube with plastic bushings.
This process although time consuming is pretty straight forward and reasonably precise.
The HD core can now be cut and wraped with glass according to plans.

Rudder Part 1

Before starting on the rudder I finished the second cabin setee.
Then I made a 30 mm foam blank the same size as the full size pattern sheet ( 139.5x37.5). This way its easier to get a perfect match on both sides. It also makes a good and stable base for the router.

Then, picking up from Menno and Grant's idea, I traced the isometrics on the blank.

Then using a foam strip I traced the lines for the router, in this case with a 1mm steps.

The routing guidelines look pretty good.

quarta-feira, 18 de agosto de 2010


Back in business!
Finaly got some slack off the work I had on hands since March.
In about a week's time I managed to make the bobstay eye... ...the bow web (here ready to cut the slots using a diamond disc on the grinder)...
... the daggerboard case...

... a practical system to prepare small batches without the mess...

... and about 2/3 of the second main hull half ( here ready for lamination).

Since I'm running out of resin and my local supplier is closed for vaccation in August, I'll use whatever stuff I have left to do smaller jobs.
I guess I'll be moving on to the rudder mount, main cabin hatch and anchor well ,while I wait for more resin, glass and other supplies. I still have three full size foam sheets which may be good to make a few panels for the second main hull half.
So far the working pace has been very good. Let's see how things progress along the coming days.
By the end of September I'm afraid I'll have some work to deal with, but I hope I'll be able to squeeze some boat building action in between.
This boat has to hit the water next summer no matter what!