domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012

Another step

Getting in and out of the cabin was becoming a pain in the ass, so I decided to open up the main hatch passage way and that made all the difference. Now there's much more light and ventilation.

Anchor well ready to bond in place once interior bow details are finished.

Main hatch formers in place. It took me some time to figure out the best way to fix the formers and at the same time leave the lamination area without any obstructions ( clamps,etc).

I decided to back screw the formers from the aft side and laminate the first layers of glass ( 2x 400 gsm) just up to the aft edge. That should hopefully be enough to hold the formers in place after the screws are removed allowing the full width of lamination to be applied without obstruction. The aft edge of the glass is nearly impossible to bond over the fillet but I anticipated I would have to to grind it off before applying the remaining glass.

By the way, I found the use of the roller much more efficient than the brush in this kind of situations, especially if one has to work glass into staying put around sharp bends. Peel ply is very efficient helping glass stay in place given it's high surface tension capabilities not to mention the fact that it will leave the surface ready for further lamination.

Next week the region will be under a stationary low pressure system which means wet weather for most of the week. Not sure if I  should even pre-cut the glass for the beam mounts under such high humidity. I guess I should think about ordering the metal stock to get me working through the wet and cold weather ahead.