terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2015

Sanding, sanding ..... and sanding!

 Not much posting lately. Not really that much of a change other then sanding. Most work has been around fairing. I don't know about other builders but the fairing compound I'm using is as hard as stone! Normaly I start with 50 grade on the long boards to read the contour and then go up to 80 then 100 until the surface is ready for the primer. I think I can skip the epoxy skimming since I nearly have no pin holes. I didn't go crazy by applying thick fairing compound. Just didn't see it necessary and I guess it paid off. Just about 1-2 mm and here and there some extra fills.

In the mean time managed to vacuum the first DB carbon on the ruder blade. Temperatures were around 10-12ºC and had to use a make shift heating chamber to get proper curing. It came out just great. I just hope next layers (UD and final DB carbon) come out just as well. Right now weather has turned very cold and most of the time wet too so I keep on fairing until an opportunity shows up to resume vacuuming de ruder and dagerboard.