domingo, 24 de março de 2013

No dog ? Hunt with a cat!

Been waiting and waiting.... for the old temperate Mediterranean weather that make the envy of many living on higher latitudes , but this year it has been raining on wet throughout the whole winter and well into Spring ! Red weather alerts have even been issued for today and tomorrow and have also experienced repeated power shortages. Great for the dams and hydroelectricity but damned for boat building progress. I’m not even considering working with epoxy under these circumstances so decided to take on some preparations in advance that involve mostly measuring, leveling and cutting. In the case, I cut up the slots for the beam mounts. When weather sorts itself out this will give me plenty of lamination to do. As in many other instances along the project I anticipated some tricky business here but then and again it turned out to be much easier and above all very rewarding as I realized the beam bulkheads where almost perfectly vertical and cross aligned.
With the precious help of two lasers its possible to verify the excellent alignent of the beam mount section. The superposition of the vertical beams seen on the ceiling is a good confirmation of that.


Trial fitting the beam mount. It actually seats pretty snugly on the bulkhead cut out.
Great day for boat building!
I'm getting my fingers crossed for the good weather to set in.....
My goal this year is at least to get the basic structure painted and who knows a bit more.