sábado, 25 de junho de 2011

Finaly back on track!

Nearly 7 months after I last put some work on the project, it's time give it another push towards completion. Finaly wind turned East ( hot and dry, actually a heat wave in the making) and the structural foam should be dry enough to start some serious lamination work.
The boat ( yes! it's looking like a boat now!) is off the mold and hangs off the ceiling.
Mold has been dismantled and it's time for some cleaning up an sorting away stuff to prepare the shop for some work.
The idea is to finish major lamination work before the end of the summer and hopefully have it ready by next summer ( where did I hear this before?).
Last friday I had the chance to use some friends help so didn't have time to install the cockpit floor on the starboard half and just braced the parts across. This way I can still finish up some details and apply some interior paint while it's more easily accessible.
Generally the surface looks good and workable. A lot of shaping and sanding on the coming days.
The boat is hanging on just a pair of straps and it looks pretty light.
First job is to make a couple of births and should be ready to fire away.
Given the circumstances, were I do name the boat right now, I would probably call it "Crisis Buster" !