terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2015


Trial fitting the beams. It ain't no piece of cake! If you want to get it done right, at least to the point the boat sails straight and even on both tacks you gotta spend plenty of time here. I mean more than 2 days! More than 5mm all around is just too much! Yet still have to tweek around with a close to 18 mm fore and aft gap on the starboard forward beam. The rest is under 5mm tolerance which is excellent by all means! Anyone that garanties more than that has  to come here and show me how it can be done! There are just too many degrees of liberty to handle. The boat was leveled by laser and two opposing lasers were used to line up the beams.
Tomorow the floats will be on. I just hope the process will be much easier than lining up the beams!

On a different front there's the mast charade. No one seems to have ( or to be willing to supply a decent mast for this boat). Some seem they never heard of a multihull. Others thing the world of sailing is all about super yacths and the Volvo Ocean Race ( justice be done here; that's where the $$$ is).At the end I might just make a carbon mast myself at a latter stage. After all it's not that complex and it certainly won't be more of a challenge than
what has been building this boat so far. It will be just another part. Difficult, time consuming but a lot cheaper ( and probably faster than the 6 or 7 months one has to wait for a factory mast). And what about those emails that seem to get lost in cyberspace?
All nice people. Thank you but no cigar!
Well, tomorrow we will see. One day at a time.

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