domingo, 6 de outubro de 2013

Here comes the rain

 No epoxy for almost a week. Rain has come and hard too! Still got to keep on so I decided to make the cuts on the side of the cockpit hull to lay down the sette tops.

 Been get some precious help too, here and there, where two sets of hands become much more productive. Here Jano is standing next to a weird contraption we set up to deal with the angle of the top to figure out the correct cut.
 Still need to glass these parts according to plans. Will have to do it with a 280gsm 90/90 stock and a 400gsm 45/45. Plans work with different weights so I will have to work some sort of compensatio that will garantee the same result and at the same time reduce excess weight ans overlaps.
 After all the cuts came out just fine and now the foam is seating in its place and ready for glassing. Monday and Tuesday promise a good weather window so I'm on stand bye.
In the mean time I'm making some stove wood lighthers off surplus parafin and saw dust to stock up for winter. I estimate I will burn through about 3 tons of hardwood to keep the home
warm until about March next here. That also means less work with the guey stuff. Well, there will be plenty of things to do anyway and it even might be interesting doing some sanding jobs. At least it will keep me warm down there.